Bunny Ears at the ready for Easter Weekend and the Hop Hop Half Marathon

judy hopps running costume

I had a blast running as bunny cop Judy Hopps (Zootopia) at the 2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon.

Easter weekend is fast approaching and I’m getting ready to break out my bunny running ears for the 2017 Hop Hop Half Marathon!

I’ve been wanting to do this half marathon for a couple of years now, but it never quite worked out. But when Mom wanted to find a half to run with me, I was excited to suggest this race, which seems like it will be full of springtime fun, with a post-race brunch as well.

The 2017 Hop Hop Half medals (which change every year) feature one adorable bunny. Added bonus!

I’ve been so busy remodeling a room in my house this spring that I’ve hardly had time to train, much less think about a race day outfit. All I knew was that I had a great pair of bunny ears that had already served me well in a half marathon. Luckily, Mom was ready to pick up the slack.

Foot Traffic did something a bit unusual and held packet pick-up last weekend. It was really nice to get it over with it and not have to worry about it now. We also got to see our shirts a full week ahead of the race!

Mom fell in love with the shirt and took it to the fabric store with her and ended up finding sparkle fabric in the perfect color of blue. In addition, she offered to sew skirts for herself, me and Kelly.


With a shirt this cute and sparkle fabric that perfectly matches, how could we resist?

I plan to add the great pair of race-tested ears comes from my Judy Hopps costume I wore at the 2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon to the outfit. After I spent so long making them and after they worked so well on race day, I’m really glad I get another opportunity to wear the bunny ears and other elements of that costume. This will be a perfect Easter/springtime running costume!

My Hop Hop Half Race Day Outfit

  • Official Race shirt
  • New Robin’s Egg Blue sparkle skirt
  • Bunny Ears (all three of us will wear ears, although all three will be different)
  • Bunny Tail
  • Carrot Earrings

Although I usually avoid wearing new clothing on race day, I’m not worried about wearing a simple shirt. I’ve worn a lot of bizarre things in while running a half marathon. Just to be safe, I’ll apply a little extra body glide.

I’m planning to run the race at a slower pace than I ran the Phoenix Half Marathon, with 50 second run/30 second walk intervals. Kelly, Mom and I plan to start together, but Kelly is planning run slower because of her interrupted training schedule. After just missing a PR time at Phoenix, Jason is hoping to run a PR at this event. Finally, Kelly’s dad is also running the race— he and Kelly actually signed up months before we did.

I’m looking forward to the race and Easter weekend!


Race Recap: 2017 Star Wars Half Marathon (The Light Side) -Disneyland, CA

I finished the Rebel Challenge for the third year in a row!

I finished the Rebel Challenge for the third year in a row!

I spent months looking forward to the Star Wars Half… planning costumes, discussing the race with friends, getting caught up in the Rogue One excitement and more! On top of it, it was Kelly’s first half marathon and first RunDisney race! It’s always fun to share the experience with others.

After Taylor and I ran the Star Wars 10K on Saturday and then spent the whole day at Disneyland, I knew the 13.1 miles would feel a little longer than normal. On the other hand, our costumes were so awesome, I knew they would carry me the entire distance!

Rocking our Rebel Pilot outfits, we were ready to jump to hyperspace!

Rocking our Rebel Pilot outfits, we were ready to jump to hyperspace!

Since we ran as Imperial Officers during the 10K, Taylor and I decided to defect to the Rebellion. Nothing like running as Rebel Pilots!

This was the first time I’ve stayed at a place close to the resort, and it was so nice to be able to walk to the start line on both Saturday and Sunday. Jason was in A corral, but Taylor, Kelly and I were back in G corral. We were too far away to see the stage, but unlike at the Disneyland Half, we could at least hear the audio. Jason tried to FaceTime with us and although the connection was spotty, he showed us his vantage point in A corral of Darth Vader coming on stage to make ominous pronouncements to the runners.

Finally, we were off! The start led us straight up a hill, but this actually gave the crowd a chance to thin out before entering backstage DCA.

Loved seeing Ezra &a Sabine on course! #StarWarsHalf #RunDisney #StarWarsRebels #rebelpilot

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Lines were much better at the character stops than in the 10K, and since I finally started watching Rebels, I was ecstatic to see Sabine and Ezra on course. I had just finished season one, but I love Star Wars Rebels, which is way more amazing than I ever imagined. Next year, maybe I’ll run as Hera.


Running past the World of Color fountains is fantastic at dawn!

The wide paths of California Adventure are perfect for running and the lights were beautiful. World of Color is a particular favorite, and since we weren’t visiting California Adventure this trip, it made the run even more special.

The RunDisney races wind in and out of backstage areas, which is really fun. In one of the backstage tunnels, they had flashing lights and the sounds of an x-wing/tie fighter dogfight. Dressed as Rebel Pilots, we really took advantage of this part, zooming down the incline together.

fter bursting out of backstage Disneyland into Toon Town, Kelly and I played around on the Jolly Trolley.

After bursting out of backstage Disneyland into Toon Town, Kelly and I played around on the Jolly Trolley.

I love backstage, but the best part was going from backstage into Toon Town. For some reason, more than other transitions, it feels like you burst out of mundane buildings of backstage into the magical world of Disneyland.

I'm so glad the Christmas lights on Small World are still up

I’m so glad the Christmas lights on Small World are still up

I loved the course through the parks. We got to run through Tomorrowland, of course, which is still decked out as a kind-of temporary Star Wars Land (when Star Wars Land actually opens, this course will be bonkers), and through the castle and down Main Street. In two different areas, they had Jedi, probably from the training academy, fighting Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, respectively.

A daring lightsaber battle rages on as the runners pass.

A daring lightsaber battle rages on as the runners pass.

Complete with audio, it added a really fun kinetic element of theatre to the race. Plus, unlike the static character stops, all the runners were able to enjoy the scenes as we ran by!

Once we left the park, the race became more difficult. I was sad to see that the change in corrals meant that Jason finished his race practically before we left the park. We weren’t going to repeat our meeting on the median from last year.

The sun came up and Taylor and I started feeling the miles from the previous day. However, the groups cheering, the bands and fans were all in full force, and they definitely kept our spirit up.

I also stayed focused on two things that I knew would be later in the race: Redvines from the Mouse Planet tent and the Rebel Pilot cosplayers. The 501st and Rebel cosplayer groups are always a highlight, but this year, I really wanted a picture because of our costumes!

I spent most of the race waiting to take a picture with these guys!

I spent most of the race waiting to take a picture with these guys!

Later in the race, Taylor started really feeling the miles and said it just felt harder, than his previous three half marathons. Maybe the novelty wore off, maybe he was undertrained, but I had a different answer. Two days of running is just hard. “That is why they call it the Rebel Challenge,” I said. “Because it’s a challenge.” You may be trained up for the half marathon distance, but the challenge is different. I’m not sure he appreciated hearing this from me at that movement, but I’ve done this before and finally felt vindicated, like someone understood that the difficulty increased as well as the fun. At some point, your feet just ask you “Whyyyyyyy…”

To be fair, my feet feel like that after mile 18 of a marathon too, but I definitely recover faster after the 19.3 two-day challenge. This is perfect for a RunDisney vacation. After each of my two marathons, I’ve been trashed for a week and spending a day at Disneyland would be hard to stomach (not saying I wouldn’t do it…).

I love seeing mile 10 in a half marathon. No matter how my race is going, I've hit double-digits and with only 5K to go, the finish suddenly feels close.

I love seeing mile 10 in a half marathon.
No matter how my race is going, I’ve hit double-digits and with only 5K to go, the finish suddenly feels close.

Taylor and Kelly must have turned on mindless runner mode, because at one point, I had to adjust my shoe. I felt like a painful blister was forming. I had my shoe partially off when I looked up and they were way in front of me. At my speed and level of tiredness, I knew catching up would be hard. I jammed my shoe back on as quickly as possible and sprinted through a couple of intervals until finally catching them.

That was really rough, but it just proves that even when I’m really tired, I always have more energy than expected.

Soon we were turning onto Disney Property for our final stretch. “S-Foils in attack formation,” I called to Kelly and Taylor. The best part of the end of the race is running past the Disneyland Hotel in Downtown Disney with the course lined with cheering spectators. They really carry us to the finish line.

Rebel Runners do it again!

Rebel Runners do it again!

We took the rest of Sunday easy– enjoyed the hot tub, ate pizza, and went to the theatre to see Moana. Sunday, we celebrated by going to Disneyland!

Time: 3:09:18
Ran With: Taylor, Kelly
Best Costume: One impressive gal ran as a cosplay-perfect Jyn Erso– vest, boots, everything… even had the Death Star plans in her hand!
Rebel Redux: For the first time, RunDisney offered us Star Wars runners a chance to sign up early for next year (with a tiny discount). In 2018, Jason will run the half for a fourth time and I will return to the Rebel Challenge, joined once more by Taylor with the addition of Kelly, who couldn’t resist the lure of the extra 10K!

Race Recap: 2017 Star Wars 10K (The Light Side)— Disneyland, CA

After completing the Star Wars Rebel Challenge for a third time, I can say that these two races are still amazing!

Taylor and I had a blast completing the Star Wars 10K, the first part of the Rebel Challenge!

Taylor and I had a blast completing the Star Wars 10K, the first part of the Rebel Challenge!

What a difference a year makes! Last year, I walked most of the 10K with my hubby, as I was just coming back from an injury and was worried if I would even be able to complete the half the following day. This year, I had none of the injury fear and all of the excitement.

Time to catch those Rebel scum! #StarWars10K @tddewey

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This year, it was my brother Taylor that I ran with. Taylor was first inspired to run half marathons after spectating these races the previous year. He had to wait a whole year until he could run the Rebel Challenge!

Unlike last year, the corrals were bigger, which means we waited a little longer until the start of Corral D. Once the race started, we ran up a short hill (as fast as possible) and very soon we were in backstage California Adventure! The highlights of running through California Adventure are seeing the World of Color fountains and running through the Grizzly Peak area.

There were a few characters out, but I had learned my lesson from trying to see BB-8 the previous year. During the 10K, it isn’t worth it. The lines are shorter during the half marathon anyway, so I saved character fun for another day.

Maybe you don't see imperial officers smile that much, but they would if they were running this race!

Maybe you don’t see imperial officers smile that much, but they would if they were running this race!

The cool thing about running the 10K is that all 6 miles are on property. Being a total Disney nerd, I had just as much fun running backstage as I did inside the park!

Now that the 60th anniversary celebration is over, the sparkly roof overlay is being removed. We spotted some of the roof backstage.

Now that the 60th anniversary celebration is over, the sparkly roof overlay is being removed. We spotted some of the roof backstage, just after a water station.

If we had seen Darth Vader, we might have stopped to take pictures with him, but we as imperial stormtrooper officers, we were pretty excited to spot a pair patrolling the balcony of Launch Bay.

Taylor looks perfectly in command of this pair of stormtroopers.

Taylor looks perfectly in command of this pair of stormtroopers.

We spotted Captain Phasma shortly before leaving the park, who was patrolling above the archway. Her costume is spectacular and we spent at least a minute just watching her strut back and forth, menacingly.
Perhaps this is why we completely missed Kelly, who was spectating the race from the entry plaza (Jason was not present, as took the rental car on an impromptu road trip to watch a SpaceX rocket launch).

We missed her, but Kelly did capture pictures of us running.

We missed her, but Kelly did capture pictures of us running.

There was tons of things to see, but all too soon, the 6 miles were nearly up. Its such a rush running past the hotel down the final stretch with so many spectators cheering us on! Once we crossed, we received our adorable BB-8 spinning medals!

This runner, dressed as Director Krennic from Rogue One, asked to take a picture with us "because I outrank you." We were amused by his mini Death Star.

This runner, dressed as Director Krennic from Rogue One, asked to take a picture with us “because I outrank you.” We were amused by his mini Death Star.

We celebrating completing the first 6.2 miles of the Rebel Challenge by spending the day at Disneyland…. after taking a shower and putting on compression socks, of course.

A runDisney 10K really goes by too fast, and I always feel a little sad when its over… but then I remember I get to do it all again the next day at the Half Marathon!

Time: 1:32:18
Ran With: Taylor
Favorite Moment: Captain Phasma!
Best thing in snack box: Jif Nut Butter Bar. Delicious.

Costume reveal for the 2017 Star Wars Rebel Challenge

Well, I’m packed and ready to fly to California, but it came as quite a surprise this week when we got 10 inches of snow here in the Willamette Valley. It certainly changed my last minute plans and hopefully we have no problems catching our flight!

The snow is quite pretty and it did mean I got some extra time off. But I must say, I am looking forward to the warmer California weather! Although all of Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend is fun, I am particularly excited by our costumes this year.

2017 Star Wars 10K Costume

Since Kelly, Taylor, Jason and I signed up for the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend, the costume focus was solely on the longer race. However, Taylor and I are also running the 10K as part of the rebel challenge.

We spent many months thinking up and discarding ideas. Some were too complicated to make as a second costume. Others just failed to capture our excitement.

But then, on a long training run, shortly after seeing Rogue One, we finally got excited. Imperial officers!


Since most of our time was dedicated to creating the four costumes for the Half Marathon, we already owned or bought most of the costume elements.

After a brief tussle over what color, we quickly set about getting the costume elements put together.


I’ll be honest, we chose black almost entirely based on the fact that the officers appeared to have an imperial patch on their shoulder. Too cool!

Costume elements:

  • Black running tights
  • Black running shirt
  • Tunic extension made from running skirt pattern
  • Imperial patch (sewn on sleeve)
  • Belt made from 2-inch elastic
  • Handcrafted pin-on belt buckle
  • Handcrafted rank bar
  • Purchased imperial hat

Taylor did an amazing job crafting the belt buckles and rank bars, while I sewed the elastic belts and tunic extensions.

We’re pleased with the result, considering how last minute the costume came together. My only concern is it might be too warm. I run extremely hot even when I’m not in California. But it’s a shorter race and the costume is cool enough I’m happy to put up with it.

2017 Star Wars Half Marathon Costume

When we signed up for the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend, Kelly instantly knew she wanted to run as a rebel x-wing pilot, and I have to say, we all pretty much agreed with her.

Kelly models the completed costume!

Kelly models the completed costume!

It took a lot of effort and time to finally put the costume together, but it really is amazing how it all turned out.

Costume elements

  • Modified running hat with rebel patches and raised ridge
  • Amber safety glasses
  • Orange running shirt
  • Orange running shorts/skirt sewn from pattern
  • White flak vests (handmade)
  • Chest box and straps (handmade)
  • Grey ejection straps (sewn)
Rebel pilots running through the hanger on Yavin IV during Rogue One. I love how this picture shows our heroes just strutting confidently through the hanger instead.

Rebel pilots running through the hanger on Yavin IV during Rogue One. I love how this picture shows our heroes just strutting confidently through the hanger instead.

It was truly a group effort putting it all together and everyone worked on different pieces. I cant wait to wear both of my costumes this weekend!

Race Recap: 2015 Run Like Hell 5K- Portland, OR

After skipping this race last year in favor of Rock ‘n’ Roll Vancouver, I ran one of my favorite local races, the Run Like Hell, this past weekend for the third time.

Run Like Hell is a halloween costume race through downtown Portland and I’ve enjoyed it every time I’ve ran. In fact, it was my second race ever when I ran it in 2012, dressed as a superhero.

This year, the theme was “Under the Big Top” and I ended up throwing a costume together the day before the race.

Running costume, Night Circus

Running costume inspired by the book The Night Circus.

I signed up for this race rather last minute when I found out a friend would be in town and wanted to run the 5K with me. She actually ended up canceling, but having already registered, I of course, ran anyway.

The night before, I pondered the theme and thought “Under the Big Top” was a dumb theme. The last thing I wanted to do was dress up as a stupid clown. I also immediately thought of Dumbo and then was reminded of the wonderful novel The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

I went for a performer’s outfit, complete with ballet style top-knot and soft tutu with a black choker. To draw in elements of the Night Circus, I added black and white striped tights and matching black and white striped flower hairpiece.

To bring in the circus element, I added Harlequin-style makeup, with 1920’s lipstick. I’m rather pleased by how it turned out!

It isn’t a running costume I’d be okay going long distances in, but for just a 5K, it was fine!

Since I was actually running this race solo, I decided to try to put in a decent 5K time. I haven’t gotten close to my 2014 PR and my last 5K time in July was abysmal.

The forecast called for heavy rain most of sunday, starting at 9 am. My race started at 9:15am. Luckily, the weather actually held off until right before I finished.

Does the blur make me look fast?

Does the blur make me look fast?

I did a quick lap around the block to warm-up and do a last minute costume test, then lined up at the start. The best thing about Run Like Hell is the fun route in the heart of Portland. The race itself starts at Pioneer Courthouse Square. I can’t speak for the half marathon distance, but I’ve run the 10K and it was also excellent.

It did seem like a lot more people ignored the costume theme this year, but I saw some excellent ones, including ringmasters, circus animals, and of course, clowns.

The first mile felt rough for me, but was probably my best time. There was an uphill, but balanced out when we went right back down again. Jason wasn’t running the race, but since he came to spectate, ran to meet me at different parts of the course to take photos and cheer.

It's a popular race with lots of people!

It’s a popular race with lots of people!

It’s a testament to our different running speeds that he could cheer me on, then run further down the course to then cheer me on again….

I’ll admit I was in kind of a bad mood at the start of the race. In general, I don’t sign up for races by myself. If not running with me, there’s always at least someone else participating. So I switched from my normal run playlist and put on angry, yelling music (like punk rock) on spotify to give me a boost.


Focused on running.

Around mile 2 I had to ditch a costume element. After sweating, the satin ribbon I used for a choker was soaked through and the resulting slimy band around my neck was unpleasant. This is probably the first time I’ve ever had to ditch a costume element during a race, which is actually a pretty good record for me.

I felt myself slowing down during the last mile, and concentrated on my music to pull me forward. In the last half mile, it started sprinkling, providing the incentive to finish before the rain really started.

I was able to sprint the slight uphill to the finish, but was nowhere close to a PR. Apparently, marathon training means I could run further, but definitely not faster. After wishing my time was better, I finally conceded that I turned in a respectable (for me) time, especially considering the course was not a particularly fast one.

The post-race party was still hopping, with half-marathon and 10K finishers still coming in. The soup provided was extraordinarily delicious, but I skipped the free beer. I might have stayed longer to listen to the band and hang out, but I was the only runner this time and the promised rain had finally started to fall heavily.

All in all, a fun race and I still definitely recommend Run Like Hell. It’s such a blast and the race shirts are great!

And I now have new songs I need to add to my regular running playlist!

Time: 34:13
Ran With: No one!
Best Costume: Circus Strongman, complete with (fake) barbells.
New Favorite Running Song: Rebel Yell by Billy Idol

Inaugural Star Wars 10K Recap: Rebel Challenge Part 1

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited on race day morning as I was on the morning of the Star Wars 10K.

Stage Star Wars 10K Kallen

So excited to spot the stage before the start of the 10K and sporting my Aly San San costume.

A couple of factors contributed; I knew it was a much shorter, and therefore easier, distance than a half marathon, I’d already spent 2 days in California getting excited (including watching the 5K), and it was the first race of my Rebel Challenge experience.

This was also the first runDisney race I ran solo which made it the largest race I’ve run solo. So many people!

I had trouble deciding my strategy for the 10K, knowing that I had a half marathon the following day. Common sense would dictate that I take it easy. I also knew that I can do a 10K pretty fast and I wasn’t doing an all-out half marathon the following day.

Still, 13.1 miles is a long way to go following 6.2 miles so I decided to take it slow and easy…. Until I heard “GOOOOOOOOOO…”

I took off.

I don’t usually need any convincing to take walk breaks but this was not the case during the Star Wars 10K.

The beginning of the Star Wars 10K took us down Disneyland Dr and looped around the park the same way the start of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon did. Luckily, there was a brief uphill as Ball Rd. goes over the freeway, which was enough to convince me to walk at least a little bit.

Very soon we were entering Disney property via the backstage area, with just enough time on the main roads for people to spread out a little bit.

Fire Engine on display, Star Wars 10K

I love how they had the Main Street vehicles in the backstage area. Fire Engine is a favorite of mine

My idea was to run the backstage areas and walk during the more exciting bits. This made sense in my head because the outcome was I could spend my walking breaks enjoying the atmosphere and spend less time during the boring bits.

Kallen 10K Family Selfie

When I spotted my family cheering, I had to do the selfie thing (Dad ran the 5K, Mom & Jason later ran the Half).

And it totally didn’t work.

First I was so excited by the people cheering for us in the entrance plaza. I spotted my family cheering for me and I was so pumped up by all the cowbells ringing and people cheering that I zipped straight into the park.

Running down Main Street is one of the best things about runDisney races. Seeing all the lights on the buildings, from the crystal arcade all the way down to the hub is one of my favorite sights.

Main Street during the Star Wars 10K

Seeing all the lights and all the runners was breathtaking.

Usually you can only see such a view at night.

Kallen Star Wars 10K Cigar Store Indian

So excited to be in Disneyland, I had to take a selfie with the Cigar Store Indian on Main Street.

Instead of slowing down as intended, I swear I picked up my pace and raced down toward the castle and toward mile 2.

Mile 2? Already? Usually the first two miles of a race are some of the worst for me, the miles that feel like they take forever.

Not true in a runDisney race… especially since I felt like I was running full out.

Eventually,  I realized going slow wasn’t ever going to work, especially as I started running down Big Thunder trail toward the sounds of Fantasyland.

KallenKentner Fantasyland Star Wars 10K

Yes, I am so not slowing down in Fantasyland.

Fantasyland, hands down, was my favorite part of the race.

What made Fantasyland so exciting is the sheer energy of the place; the carrousel was light up and moving, Dumbo was flying, tea cups were spinning. And nothing puts a grin on my face like the bubbly instrumental track of The Unbirthday Song.

It all made up for the fact that part of Small World was under construction (lights were still up in places, however).

The fact that there were Jedi near Small World with words of encouragement for the runners also helped.

I took pictures at every mile marker and every one was unique. Sometimes this was just a quick snap with the mile marker on the background. In fact, I went kind of selfie crazy. I think it made up for the fact that I wasn’t planning to stop for a lot of characters this time.

All too soon, we left Disneyland to head toward California Adventure via backstage areas.

Kallen at Mile 4 Star Wars 10K

Mile 4 was right inside DCA on Buena Vista Street. Bespin!

Around mile 4,  I felt the first hints of fatigue break through my insanely happy running high and realized that I didn’t take a gel at the halfway point

If I’m only running a 5K, I never take a gel, but I’ve found that for the 10K distance, taking half a gel at mile 3 and the other half at mile 5 really helps me finish the 10K distance strong.

Frozen Fun at DCA

I was excited to spot Frozen Fun while running down Hollywood Blvd.

Since I’m not a very fast runner, it takes me a little over an hour to finish a typical 10K. I quickly remedied the fuel problem while running through California Adventure.

I was planning on visiting Disneyland Park after the race, but California Adventure was not in my plans so running through was my only chance to view the sights.

It did not disappoint.

Star Wars 10K Runners heading toward Paradise Pier

I love seeing Mickey’s Fun Wheel on the horizon.

Outside Cars Land I actually stopped for a movement to take in the view of the runners heading toward Paradise Pier at sunrise.

Sadly, the moment didn’t capture well on camera, but so many 10K runners will tell you that it was a gorgeous morning.

Perfect for running!

I decided that since I had done such a terrible job of taking it easier for the first 4 miles, it wouldn’t matter and I might as well keep it up for the last 2 miles.

I also got in line for my one and only character stop in the 10K, and a had a nice break before snapping a picture with Boba Fett.

A little suspicious of this Bounty Hunter...

A little suspicious of this Bounty Hunter…

Actually, stopping for a picture was great because of the cast member who immediately looked at my 10K costume and said “Star Tours, yah!” to which I replied “Whoo, represent!” since he was wearing the cast member costume for that ride. We then launched into reminiscing about the old Star Tours and our buddy Captain Rex.

He also took a really great picture, so thank you awesome cast member…. and I miss Rex too (Brakes! Brakes! Where are the brakes!).

As we excited into the backstage area off of Paradise Pier, I mentally said goodbye to the part of the race that was inside the parks and resigned myself to finishing the last little bit backstage.

Last selfie of the race! Radiator Springs Racers looked amazing

Last selfie of the race! Radiator Springs Racers looked amazing

Imagine my surprise when all of sudden we were running onstage again and through Cars Land.

I don’t usually look at course maps carefully and this lovely moment is one of the reasons why.

Mile 5 was right near Radiator Springs Racers.

Kallen at Mile 6 Star Wars 10K

Almost there! (Did I mention I took a picture at every mile marker?)

Our last stint in DCA was short and soon we were exiting to the backstage area near Tower of Terror and on our way to the finish.

The marker for mile 6 was in a parking lot right before the Disneyland Hotel.

I could hear the cheering from the crowd lined up along the course in Downtown Disney near the Rainforest Cafe and I knew I would run the last 0.2 of the race fast.

Not feeling all that tired, and seeing the finish line, I was estatic running toward it and I waved at the stormtroopers before crossing the finish line.

Kallen's Star Wars 10K finish

Most excited I’ve ever been at the finish of a 10K.

Star Wars 10K Star Tours costumes

Another Star Tours costume! Post-race, I spotted fellow Rebel Challenger Sara sporting a super-sized fastpass and had to take a picture with her. Check out the details written on the fastpass. It’s amazing!

After getting my medal, I felt a bit of sadness that it was all over.

It was amazing with all the people cheering, all the lights and all the amazing runners in some pretty impressive costumes (seriously wondering how some people ran in their costumes).

I couldn’t help but wish we could have spent more than 6 miles running through it all.

Except. Then I remembered. I’d be running again the following day! Yikes!

Off we went to LaBrea Bakery where I feasted on a post-race meal of French Toast. Yum.

Why do I look so happy?They have heaters in the outside seating area of LaBrea.

Why do I look so happy? They have heaters in the outside seating area of LaBrea.

All in all, I was impressed by the Star Wars 10K. Nearly all of the 6.2 miles were on Disney property. Of course, much of that was backstage, but it was still amazing in how they designed the course to wind around and through the parks.

I was a little sad that both Small World and World of Color fountains were under construction as they were definitely highlights last January at the Tinker Bell Half Marathon.

But each race is a different adventure and considering my near-euphoric 10K, I’d say it was a good one.

Kallen in front of Star Wars 10K finisher medals

You know what? This post needs one last selfie.

Time: 1:29:14 (Should they even time RunDisney races..?)
Ran With: Solo
Photo Stops: Lost count…
Best Sign: Right as the finish line came into view was a sign that said “You’re doing great, kid! Don’t get cocky.”

Related: Read my overview of the entire race weekend and Rebel Challenge experience on the Running at Disney blog (plus, more and different photos).

Costume reveal for the Inaugural RunDisney Star Wars Half Marathon

Here it is, a running costume I am very excited about! PIGS IN SPACE!

I'm ready to run as part of the Swinetrek Crew!

I’m ready to run as part of the Swinetrek Crew!

Yes, this is totally in a different direction than my droid 10K costume. Why Pigs in Space? So many good reasons. Dressing as a muppet forces you to refuse to take your race too seriously. How can you not smile?

There’s also no pressure. Pigs are allowed to be slow. Or tired. Or goofy. Actually. They’re just plain fun!

There are so many great costume elements to the Pigs in Space uniforms and they look great when you have a group.

Yes, there is a group of us dressed as Pigs in Space muppets.

I’m a big fan of the original Muppet Show and I love the Sci-fi parody sketch Pigs in Space.

But if you really need a solid Star Wars connection to justify the amazingly fun costumes, the Stars of Star Wars— Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Chewbacca— were guest stars on an episode of the Muppet Show.

And of course, they had to show up on the Swinetrek on Pigs in Space. A highlight has got to be tap dancing C-3PO (yay Anthony Daniels).

“When you wish upon a Star” performed by the Muppets, Stars of Star Wars and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker’s more musical cousin)

You really get the sense that Mark Hamill (“cousin” of Luke) is just having fun on the show.

Star Wars and the Muppets are now both owned by Disney, but back when this episode was filmed, Empire Strikes Back hadn’t even come out.

This is amazing because the episode ends with a rousing rendition of “When You Wish Upon a Star” complete with castle and fireworks.

If you like Muppets, you should really watch the entire episode. On a side note, Miss Piggy is performed by Frank Oz, the puppeteer and voice behind Yoda.

Pigs in Space Running Costume Details

Pigs in Space Running Costume comparison

Shirt | just a lavender (or grey) running shirt. After all, we want to make sure we are comfortable during the half marathon.

The female Pigs in Space costume (Miss Piggy’s) varies from lavender to pink during the course of the show. Typical of Piggy to constantly change her wardrobe.

Pigs in Space Logos in progress

Pigs in Space Logos in progress

Logo | Gotta love the logo. We made them out of felt, which was fairly simple.

When we set out to find the logo so we could create our own, we ended up finding a template and tutorial on Jade Flower’s blog. I love the internet… if it’s geeky, you can find it. The stars we bought as iron-on patches, but we sewed them on instead.

Pigs in Space First Mate Piggy and Captain Link Hogthrob: The female Swinetrek uniform varies from the male Swinetrek uniform.

Pigs in Space First Mate Piggy and Captain Link Hogthrob: The female Swinetrek uniform varies from the male Swinetrek uniform.

Skirt/shorts |  For us women, we just sewed our sparkle skirts using the same tutorial from Beauty Still Remains that I used for my Mousketeer skirt except with gathered ruffles instead of pleats. For the guys, we found silvery colored shorts (amazingly) and then sewed silvery sparkle stripes on the side.

Ears | To attatch the ears, I opted for a 60’s style wide headband, common to some Miss Piggy has sported in the past. The ears were made out of felt, and then attached to the headband, a metallic silver stretchy fabric.

Headbands were not an option for the guys, whose ears are attached to their running caps. With silver reflective stripes, they look great!

Guys modeling their Pigs in Space running costumes. Remember what I said about being dressed as a muppet and not being able to take things seriously?

The guys modeling their Pigs in Space running costumes.

Collar and Epaulettes | We almost skipped the ridiculous silver epaulettes, but they’re kind of classic.

The epaulettes are basically stuffed round tubes of fabric and the collar is a straight stuffed tube. We opted for a lightweight metallic fabric — lighter than the stretch we used for the headband — so we only attached the collar to the front of the shirt. If you attach it to the back, you can’t get it over your head.

Accessories | No one wanted to run in gloves, but we designed these silver gauntlets that capture the retro flare of the originals. They are made of a very stiff, thick fabric, almost like faux leather. Undo the velcro and they can lay flat so if anyone gets annoyed while running, they can easily be taken off and tucked into a running belt.

Only Dad is sporting the silver cape worn by Pigs in Space Captain Link Hogthrob. He’s doing a shorter distance and it won’t likely get cumbersome for him. It looks glorious, so I think Jason is a little jealous (as we know from his superman running costume, he’s fond of capes).

I’m leaving today for the Star Wars Half Marathon weekend and I’m really looking forward to the Rebel Challenge. Can’t wait! And I’m totally ready to rock this challenge.

Pigs in Space will bring me power!

You may say that I'm

You may say that I’m “Hamming” it up in this photo (I couldn’t help it).