Countdown to the 2017 Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend

Corrals and course maps for the 2017 Star Wars Half Marathon were released during the holidays and now the official start of the Star Wars Half Marathon weekend (The Light Side) is only a week away!

Running.. very carefully... just make sure you avoid the ice!

Luckily, most of this 12-mile run was on a clear pathway, but the icy bits were still quite scary! Our next long run had no snow, but the frozen puddles were very slick.

I’ll especially enjoy the race location this year… it’s been a cold winter this year and my last two long training runs were in below freezing weather. They’re forecasting snow again this weekend! I’m looking forward to the southern California climate.


We’re very happy about our corral placements! Unlike last year, Star Wars will have an increased number of corrals, just like the Disneyland Half. I couldn’t use my awesome 10K PR time anymore, but I still got into G corral (I was placed in E corral for the Disneyland Half). Looking at bib numbers, that puts 8,500 of the 16,000 runners in corrals behind us. The earlier corrals are smaller— Jason is in A corral with only 810 total runners.

Corral assignments are split into two categories, Star Wars Half Marathon (shown above) and Rebel Challenge runners. Kelly and Jason are running the half only, but Taylor and I are running the Rebel Challenge (both the 10K and the half).

Corral assignments are split into two categories, Star Wars Half Marathon (shown above) and Rebel Challenge runners. Kelly and Jason are running the half only, but Taylor and I are running the Rebel Challenge (both the 10K and the half).

Kelly worked her butt off to get a good 10K time before the proof-of-time deadline and despite being new to long distance running, got a great time and also was placed in G corral. Taylor worked to improved his PR 10K time all year and moved up from corral H in the Disneyland Half to corral F.


I’ve been hard at work sewing costumes for our races. I’m pretty excited about how they are turning out.


Sewing up the flak vest for a rebel pilot outfit!

For the half marathon, Jason, Taylor, Kelly and I are all running as Rebel pilots. The costumes have a lot of pieces, but so far they are turning out amazing! For the 10K, Taylor and I are running as imperial officers.

It’s a group effort putting the costumes together and a lot of work, but I can’t wait to try them out!

This weekend, I plan to follow all the excitement of the Walt Disney World Marathon, sew up the costumes, go on a short training run, pack my bags for my trip and binge watch Star Wars Rebels, Season 2!

Race day feels so close now!


2016 Disneyland Half Corrals and Course Maps

Yay! The Disneyland Half Marathon is almost here!

Corral Assignments

After improving his 10K time, Taylor was hoping to move up from D corral (Tinker Bell Half) to C corral. I was hoping to have one last chance to use my PR 10K time to stay in B corral.

But Disney fooled us all and switched from having Corrals up to F to having Corrals up to J! Having taken a peek at the course map, this must be to try to avoid congestion, but it’s a little sad.
The corrals are a lot smaller. Jason remains in A corral. I was placed in E corral, Mom in F and Taylor in H, but us three slowpokes will run together in the same corral.

You look up your bib number listed on the waiver to find which corral you are in.

You look up your bib number listed on the waiver to find which corral you are in.

Course Map

They’ve also posted course maps. Judging by how quickly we enter the park, I can see why they needed to increase the number of corrals. Enter the park that fast is a recipe for terrible congestion. I’m really hoping we’ll be able to run before mile 4, but I won’t hold my breath.

Can't wait to run through Angel Stadium!

Can’t wait to run through Angel Stadium!

I also found a really cool hand-drawn map (pdf) with a little more detail on the USTAF website that was used to certify the course after it was measured. It definitely shows how quickly we enter the park.

The exciting thing is this course is very different from both Tinker Bell and Star Wars, so it will feel very new!

All that’s left now is the event guide, which will only be available in a digital format. Soon enough we’ll be flying down to Anaheim and I can’t wait!

Corrals and Course Maps for the 2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon

I know we’re getting closer to race day when the event guide and corrals are posted! I worked on our race costumes this weekend while following coverage of the Star Wars Half Marathon: The Dark Side at Walt Disney World.

Corral Placements

Tinker Bell Corrals
By looking up our race waivers to get our bib numbers, we were able to see our corral placements.

This may be the last time I can use my PR time from the 2014 Run for Sight for corral placement, but it was good enough to place me squarely in B corral. As I plan to run with Taylor, this doesn’t really mean anything, aside from making me smile, since last time I ran Tinker Bell, I was placed in C corral.

Taylor, after running Race for Warmth only 10 days after starting training, managed to get placed in D corral— a huge improvement over F Corral, which is where we thought we would be if we hadn’t found a 10K we could run before the time deadline. His bib number shows us that he just barely missed being placed in C corral, so I’m guessing he will be in a higher corral for the Disneyland Half Marathon in September.

Jason ran a few numbers and it looks like the corrals breakdown is as follows:

750 people in A corral
2500 each in B and D corrals
1750 in C Corral
4500 each in E and F corrals

Only 300 people in D corral had seed times faster than Taylor. Since Taylor is faster than me now and I was placed in B corral, our current plan is to start as close to the front of D corral as possible. I’m sure we’ll mix with C corral and B corral.

Course Map

I was guessing the 2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon course would have to differ from previous years because of the construction on the new Star Wars Land in Disneyland. With the publication of the Event Guide, we finally found out the course, and I’m pretty happy with it.

The official course map from the 2016 Tinker Bell Event Guide.

The official course map from the 2016 Tinker Bell Event Guide.

I’m glad it differs so much from the Star Wars Half Marathon and it looks like we spend a good chunk of the race on Disney property. Taylor actually overlaid the course map onto another map to get a better feel for how the course goes through the parks.

Taylor's version gives a bit more detail.

Taylor’s version gives a bit more detail.

Next weekend, Taylor and I will go on our last long run (14 miles) before the race and teh following weekend I’ll be cheering Jason on as he runs the Eugene Marathon. Before you know it, Tinker Bell time!

Countdown to Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend: Corral Placements & Preparations

I’ve been fighting a cold since Christmas, which has rather interrupted my preparations for the Star Wars Rebel Challenge. I did manage to go on a longer run last week (around 9 miles), but with less than two weeks to go until the half marathon, it looks like that will have to be my last long run.

I’ve also been hard at work on our running costumes. I’ll post more pictures soon, but here’s a preview and a clue….

Do you recognize what this is?

Do you recognize what this is?

I’m getting super excited! Now that I’m feeling better, I’m back to running and although I missed doing my last 14 mile training run, I’m still pretty confident about the upcoming race(s).

After all, I did run 13.1 miles in December for the Holiday Half. I’m only a little nervous because this is my very first challenge, running back-to-back race days. I hope I don’t feel too tired after the 10K!

Corral placements were posted a few weeks ago and my Rebel Challenge corral assignment is C corral.

corral assignments for 2015 Rebel Challenge

I submitted my 10K time from the Run for Sight and I’m happy with the placement. I was in C corral last year for Tinkerbell and it worked out perfectly.

Unsurprisingly, Jason will be in A corral for the half marathon after submitting his time from Rock ‘N Roll Portland. Although he’s super fast, his training has been even more interrupted than mine as he fights knee issues. Luckily, he’s not looking for a PR at a runDisney race.

Mom submitted a terrific 10K time as well. Her corral assignment for the half marathon is C corral like me, so there will be no need for corral switching. She’s gotten so much faster that she’s now a favorite run partner of mine… and probably the only reason I went running the past couple of days.

As we get closer to the date, I’m sure I’ll be posting more soon!