2017 Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Medals Revealed!

Since the Star Wars Half Marathon weekend isn’t until January 2017, I wasn’t expecting the medals to be revealed so early!

I also wasn’t expecting that there would be any significant changes to the half marathon medal itself. Although the 10K medals change every year, traditionally, runDisney half marathon medals stay fairly consistent for the four years, with a special anniversary medal, followed by a redesign.

Not true anymore! For the past two years, the Star Wars Half medal was a replica of the Medal of Bravery, the medals presented to Han and Luke at the end of Star Wars: A New Hope.

Now, that image has been replaced with Han and Leia. I think if I had never run the Star Wars Half and earned the Medal of Bravery before, I would be disappointed. Since I’ve already earned it twice, I’m rather excited for a change, although it’s not my favorite medal design ever. It’s big and it’s gold and that makes me happy.


Looking at the image closely, it looks like this may be a spinner medal. If so, there is an image on the other side we haven’t seen yet. I wonder what it could be….

I’ll also be earning the 10K BB-8 medal, which looks cute! Last year’s x-wing was the coolest, but this is way better than the stormtroopers of 2015. BB-8 is a favorite of mine, so I’m totally excited he’s on a medal.
Conspicuously absent from the photos is the Rebel Challenge medal. Is it because it will be almost exactly the same as previous years? Or are they just saving the reveal for the pièce de résistance?


Yes! It’s totally a spinner. I’m so glad they kept the Medal of Bravery design.

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One thought on “2017 Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Medals Revealed!

  1. Love your blog! It helped me stay motivated for my first half marathon at The Star Wars 2016 half marathon! Doing it again in January!

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