Medal Revealed for the 2016 Disneyland Half Marathon

2016 Disneyland Half Marathon Medal

2016 Disneyland Half Marathon Medal

It took them until July 18th, but runDisney finally released an image of the 2016 Disneyland Half Marathon Medal.

Since last year was the special 10th anniversary medal, I was really curious what the new medal design would be. Sadly, I have to say I prefer last year’s diamond medal and the previous medal design series.

This is mostly because the icons of Disneyland park are more important to me than characters. I understand why it was designed that way—the races are themed with “Disney Duos” with Mickey and Pluto headlining the Half Marathon. But Pluto just doesn’t feel like he belongs on a Disneyland Half Marathon themed medal.

However, the medal is still quite amazing, and I love the large encircled D. Probably the only reason I’m being so picky is because this is the first time I have a chance to earn it!

I’m also hoping to get a peek at the other medals from the weekend. Dad and Aunt Sandy will be doing the 5K and I want them to get a preview as well.

I’m certainly looking forward to the Disneyland Half Marathon. It’s only a month away (and registration is still open). We’re finalizing our costumes this week!

Update: RunDisney finally posted a pic of the 5K medal and it’s no longer plastic! Looks sweet.
Update: Race weekend is one month away and RunDisney has posted pictures of all the medals now. I adored the original Dumbo Double Dare design and am not pleased by the redesign, but now I don’t regret missing out on the challenge.


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