Race Recap: Twilight Run 5K 2016—Tigard, OR

Yes, we are ready to run!

Yes, we are ready to run!

The Twilight Run in Tigard is such a great race. It has a really fun course through Cook Park, great post-race snacks, music, and even a raffle!

There is a reason I keep coming back —I ran it in 2013 and 2014 before taking a break from it last year (it was right before Jason’s first marathon and temperatures were super high

This was, however, the first time I ran a 5K the day after a long run. As part of my training for the similarly named Twilight Half marathon, I went on a rough 12-mile training run with Katie on Friday night. But even thought it wasn’t scheduled to be my short run weekend, I really wanted to do this race with Jason.

Jason and I treated this year’s Twilight Run as a kind of date night. It includes free admission to the Night Glow of the Tigard Balloon Festival, with live music, food, vendors, carnival rides and more.

For date night, we run in the heat... apparently.

For date night, we run in the heat… apparently.

Despite hurting during my run the day before, I felt pretty good. Once the race started, I concentrated on my pace, since I wasn’t running with anyone. I felt like I was doing really well, just based on how hard it felt like I was going. Halfway through, I spotted Mom, Dad and Taylor! They showed up just to cheer us on, which was such a treat. Since I was feeling tired, it was definitely a boost.

I started thinking I was going to get a good time, since I was feeling like I was working so hard, but alas, those 12 miles I ran the day before fooled me into thinking I was going faster than I was. Perhaps it was a similar effort to a PR pace, but after a long run, I was nowhere close to my better times.

Still, after consideration, I’m happy with my pace. It’s not that far out of my usual 5K times, and I’ve never done a 5K right after so many miles. Jason did well, although it was a hard race for him too. The start time (7pm) makes it a lot hotter than our usual morning races. But he did win second in his age group (only 15 seconds off the age-group winner)!

Every year Jason has run the Twilight Run, he's gotten second in his age group.

Every year Jason has run the Twilight Run, he’s gotten second in his age group.

It’s a really fun race. I loved the cherries they had this year post race, as well as the free Jamba Juice. I also loved the shirts! Post-race, we celebrated by hanging out at the Balloon Festival, browsing the stalls, listening to the band, and watching the balloon crews.

Ready for our post-race celebration!

Ready for our post-race celebration!

Time: 36:40
Ran With: Myself and only I
Best part of the course: I don’t remember liking it in previous years, but I loved the off-pavement trail section as we wound through the trees. It was cooler and very beautiful.


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