Race Recap: 2016 Rum Run 10K —Beaverton, OR

On Saturday, Taylor, Mom and I all ran the Rum Run 10K— a tiki themed run on a less than tropical day.

Rum Runners at the ready

Rum Runners at the ready

After the entire field went off course at last year’s Rum Run, the race director offered participants complimentary registration for next year’s race. In short, Mom and I got to run this race for free. Taylor decided to join us, signing up earlier in the year as a plan for his last chance to get a better proof-of-time for corral placement in the Disneyland Half Marathon.

They changed the route from last year’s run, and the race was vastly changed.

Instead of a fairly flat course that wound through beautiful cook park in Tualatin, this race started in Beaverton and then wound through the hilly neighborhood and up Bull Mountain in Tigard. It was, by far, the hilliest race I’ve ever run, with the possible exception of Heartbreaker Half (where they made a big deal of the hills).

Of the 65 floors my Fitbit says I climbed on Saturday, 61 one of those were directly from this hilly run. And to think other days I'm lucky if I reach my goal of 10...

Of the 65 floors my Fitbit says I climbed on Saturday, 61 one of those were directly from this hilly run. And to think other days I’m lucky if I reach my goal of 10…

So the route had hills. But in addition, part of the race was run on the unimproved shoulder of a busy road, with little to no traffic control and cars whizzing by. Compared to last year’s course, which was great aside from the one wrong turn, with plenty of volunteers, it was terrible.

Because of a recent surgery, Mom wasn’t as trained up as she wanted to be and I wasn’t really looking for a time or wanting to try to keep up with Taylor going up the hills. We enjoyed running together, following (where it was possible), an interval timer of 50 sec run/ 35 sec walk. Once we were on Bull Mt. Road, it was simply too steep— walking was faster.

Despite that, we turned in a decent time, slower than the hilly-but-less-hilly Bridge to Brews, but at least faster than last year’s unintentionally-long Rum Run.

But the big news was Taylor’s. It was the worst course to try to go fast on but he shattered his PR from Bridge to Brews (also hilly) by 1 minute and 26 seconds! I was amazed! Starting in D corral, we spent a lot of time dodging people during the Tinker Bell Half. His PR will certainly help with better corral placement at the Disneyland Half.

Happy with a PR on a terrible course.

Happy with a PR on a terrible course.

Although the post-race party was cool, with free mai-tai’s, beer, food, smoothies and lots of booths, I probably won’t be returning. The vibe and party atmosphere was great, but I didn’t like the course and felt there could have been better traffic control on the course. Overall, even though the entire race went off-course last year, I think I still enjoyed it more. But hey, at least it was free (for me).

Oddly enough, even though it was brutal, this run wasn’t even the highlight of my weekend or the hardest thing I did. My legs already trashed from this hilly run, the following day I went to the Coast Range for a 10 mile hike up Kings Mountain and Elk Mountain….

I’ll be recapping that next, but needless to say, I am so sore today.

Time: 1:15:51
Ran with: Mom
Coolest detail: Lighted tiki torches above the start/finish banner.
Branding Fail: Free food is great, but “Probiotic Prunes” doesn’t sell it for me.


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