Race Recap: 2016 Bridge to Brews 10K- Portland, OR

A run over the Fremont Bridge? So cool!

Bridge to Brews ends with tasting festival.

Bridge to Brews ends with tasting festival.


I ran the 10K Bridge to Brews on Sunday and it was awesome, if challenging.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a larger local race and this was certainly a fun one. We got to Waterfront Park early and were able to explore some of the tents and vendors pre-race. We also went through the very smooth bag check process. I was a little nervous because I was already sore before even starting, the result of gardening almost all day Saturday. However, unlike the unseasonably warm weather the previous day, I was very glad that the weather was cloudy and in the mid-50s.

The starting line was split into waves, with runners self-sorting themselves by pace time. We lined up in the 10-12 minute per mile pacing group. While waiting for our wave, we jammed to the start line music and very soon, we were off!

The run immediately starting heading  away from Waterfront Park toward the Fremont Bridge. I had originally thought we would be running across the top deck of the bridge, but this turned out not to be the case. I pretty much accepted this with no disappointment while I was running toward the bridge, because I was already feeling the hill. The top deck looked so much higher from my perspective!

On our way to cross the Fremont Bridge!

On our way to cross the Fremont Bridge!

Taylor was trying to “crush” his time from the Race For Warmth and get a better proof-of-time for corral placement in the Disneyland Half Marathon. To that end, we were running 30/20 intervals. We’ve been doing 30/30 intervals for our long Tinker Bell training runs, and the 10-seconds shorter walk felt particularly brutal on the hilly course.

Taylor is a faster runner on hills, and as we hit the halfway point shortly after leaving the Fremont Bridge behind, I wanted him to not worry about me and just get his desired time. As it turns out, Mom is a much faster walker and I’m fairly fast and perhaps have better endurance/staying power, because although there were times when the three of us would drift apart, we always ended up together or were yo-yoing back and forth.

As we wound around up and down streets in Portland and past the Rose Quarter, I was really struggling to maintain a decent pace. Mile 4 to 5 were probably my hardest and I was feeling a little nausea that I was trying to ignore.

Taylor finally pulled away from us as we headed up yet another hill to cross the Steel Bridge. At that point, we were about a half a mile from the finish, reaching mile 6 after crossing the bridge. I was still within cheering distance, so I cheered him to the finish line as mom and I finish shortly afterward. Jason (having finished much earlier) was also on hand to cheer us all across the finish line.

And then it was on to the post-race party & tasting festival with beer, spirits, wine and more! After a lot of tasting, we ended our running adventure with lunch at the Saturday Market.

Either as a result of gardening saturday or the hilly course on Sunday, so many muscle groups are sore and my hamstrings are extremely tight now. I have my stretching cut out for me, but I truly had fun. It was such a great atmosphere and a well-organized race with a fun course. And despite going from a flat course to a hilly course, Taylor still crushed his 10K PR, improving by over 7 minutes.

It was certainly a nice break from the regular Tinker Bell Half Marathon training—less than a month until the race!

Time: 1:12:25
Ran with: Taylor and Mom
Best Taste for Ticket: Townshend’s tea spirits, my favorites being the Sweet, Smoke & Bitter Tea.


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