Race Recap: 2016 Luckython 5K—Aloha, OR

It was a wet and windy day on Saturday, but a group of us turned out in all our green gear for the 2016 Luckython.

Aren't we festive!

Aren’t we festive!

This was my second year doing the Luckython 5K, which is a good St. Patrick’s themed alternative run to the crazy, large Portland Shamrock Run. It’s run by uberthons, who generally put together a good race.

The course winds through a golf course pathway, making the scenery very green, if repetitive. We ran the opposite direction of last year, which mixed it up a little bit.

So cold before the start! But hey, we're here to run!

So cold before the start! But hey, we’re here to run!

It was rather cold and Taylor, Katie and I started together, but Taylor took off quickly to try to warm up faster. Katie and I caught up with him and then Katie kept going.

Taylor and I stuck together doing intervals with a 25 second walk and a 40 second run. I pushed myself hard the first mile to keep up with him and eventually warmed up by mile 2. Then Taylor had to keep up with me. And then we both were running the same, somewhat slower pace by the time we hit the third mile marker. Taylor, with his longer legs, sprinted ahead at the finish.

Kallen Luckython 2016 finish

(via uberthons)

I felt like I was putting in a really good effort, which makes my lackluster finishing time of 36 minutes a little disappointing.

He got a medal for third overall in addition to the luckython belt buckle/medal.

Jason got a medal for third overall in addition to the luckython belt buckle/medal.

The course did have lots of puddles to dodge, a lot of twists, turns and dips and there was a fierce headwind for part of it, but still, my time from the 2015 Luckython was 34:38 (running the same course in the opposite direction).

However, the time was good enough to win my age group!

I suspect the only reason is because the Luckython 5K was split into an 8am race and a 9am race, with the 8am race being a bit smaller…. But oh well!

It was still a blast to hear my name announced and receive a gold pin.

Katie and Taylor also both got third in their age group and Jason got first in his age group and third overall.


Good job, guys. Now lets get out of the cold and into the tent with the heaters and the baked potatoes! (via uberthons)

Post-race, we enjoyed our baked potatoes with all the trimmings. They’re quite filling and there is no shortage of toppings to put on them. Delicious.

Overall, still a really fun race, but I think more of the runners could have dressed in green. I think we were the most festive group at the event!

Another fun race with friends!

Another fun race with friends!

Time: 36:05
Ran With: Taylor
Favorite Potato Topping: Bacon


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