Post-Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend, A Moment of Appreciation

I’ve successfully completed the 2016 Rebel Challenge, running both the Star Wars 10K and the Star Wars Half Marathon. It was a rocky road leading up to this weekend, but my expectations were definitely exceeded. I’ll do a true recap of my Star Wars weekend experience, but first, I just feel the need to state some items of appreciation.

Yay for finishing both races!

Yay for finishing both races!

I appreciate healing. I’m thankful for being smart about healing. I’m grateful when I’m not in pain. I recognize that I am fortunate to complete these kind of events when others can not. I’ll continue my dedication to recovering from the pinched nerve.

I appreciate family. Leading up to the weekend, my mom was there to help me through some difficult and painful test runs. My dad recognized and empathized with my pain and was there to celebrate my pain-free finish. My brother helped me regain my enthusiasm and anticipation for the weekend as I shared my excitement for runDisney races. And my husband, Jason, is always there for me as he was when we “ran” our first race together and crossed the finish of the 10K together.

I appreciate a working set of headphones and a good playlist. Gotta rock all 13.1 miles!

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