Almost there: Heading to the 2016 Star Wars Half Marathon & Rebel Challenge

Thursday morning I’m catching a flight down to southern California to run a race at disneyland for the third year in a row.

I was a little down lately, mostly due to injury, but as I pack my bags, it’s with a lighter heart. Although I’ve pinched a nerve, possibly do to a bulging disc, I’ve been steadily improving, thanks to a combination of stretching 2-3 times a day, massage therapy and ibuprofen.

Packing up for the 2016 Rebel Challenge! Got to pack for two races, of course.

Packing up for the 2016 Rebel Challenge! Got to pack for two races, of course.

I finished my and Jason’s running costumes/outfits for the Rebel Challenge this weekend and I also had great fun following the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend on Twitter, which has raised my spirits and anticipation level for my own trip.

This was my favorite tweet of the weekend:

But finally, at my doctor’s appointment today, I walked away with a physical therapy referral and the approval to try and complete the half marathon. That really makes me happy. I can finally look forward to the coming weekend.

So although I may end up walking most of it and I may be stretching every three miles, I’ll be there.

I was so excited to be placed in corral B for the Rebel Challenge races, but I’ll surely be going slower than I was hoping. Still proud I made it into Corral B though!

2016 Rebel Challenge Corral Assignments

I just have to remember that this will be a different race experience than running last year’s Star Wars 10K and Star Wars Half.


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