Monday Inspiration: Running Bibs at Work


Kallen's Race Bibs

Tinker Bell team bib & personal bib, Rock N Roll Vancouver, Holiday Half, Star Wars Rebel Challenge, Heartbreaker Half and Hippie Chick. So far, all 13.1, but the next bib should be from the Portland Marathon.

I’m not a fan of saving race bibs like some people; they’re wrinkled, messy, often generic, and if you’ve got a picture, t-shirt or medal, they are really a sad excuse for a souvenir.

But I made an exception for my half-marathon bibs. They represent a bigger accomplishment and the bibs are often customized for the race, embellished and even personalized.

I’ve pinned mine up at the office at work, on a wall that faces my desk and my desk only.


2 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration: Running Bibs at Work

  1. Sadly, I keep all of mine! Most go in a folder next to my bank statements, but some of the bigger race ones I display.

  2. Nice way to decor the office cube………it must feel amazing to look at the bibs each day and think…..”wow, I did those races!”!!! Proud of you and your accomplishments!

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