Race Recap: The Ladybug Run for CDH Awareness— Tigard, OR

The Ladybug Run on July 25th was a cute little run— a ton of fun and well supported.

Ladybug Run costumes

Jason chose to skip the headband, but Mom and I sported ladybug wings.

We signed up for the Ladybug Run all the way back in February at the Racecenter Northwest Event Expo, and I’d nearly forgotten about it. Indeed, I haven’t really done any running for two months, leaving me thoroughly unprepared and untrained.

Luckily, this was a great way to ease back into it. The focus was much more on raising funds and awareness about CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia), a potentially fatal birth defect, than it was about competition or athletics. The race was reasonably-priced, especially considering we received finishers medals, a lovely t-shirt and a delicious post-race breakfast.

The course itself was lovely. Cook Park/Tualatin Commons is a great place to run. I’ve run nearly a dozen races now that travel through this park in Tigard/Tualatin. It makes for a beautiful course, I definitely recommend it. Most of the races run here are smaller, which works well for a run that is partly on bike paths. The course also headed out onto some streets, but was well-marked.

Sandwiched between two weekends of record-breaking heat, July 25th was one of the few cool days we’ve had all summer. The weather was perfect. It rained a bit later in the day, but by that time we were in the car, heading home.

Ladybug Run Men age-group winners

Once again, Jason is an age-group winner!

Jason set a new sub-20 PR with a time of 19:21, good enough for 4th overall, and first in his age group. He got a fun little medal and some gift cards to Sports Authority and Road ID.

Mom and I, on the other hand, took our sweet time, chatting while we run/walked… and our time definitely showed it. I’m glad I didn’t hurt myself from my lack of training, but on the other hand, the time is kind of embarrassing. She also had a 5K to run with some friends the very next day.

But we had a good time running together and Mom’s 5K time the following day was 32:23, a much better time.

Time:We rolled in at 38:10, my slowest 5K time since my very first run ever back in 2012.
Ran With: Mom
Best Surprise: A scrumptious post-race breakfast of waffles, bagels, fruit, chocolate milk, cider and more!


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