Defeating the Odds: We’re registered for the RunDisney 2016 Star Wars Rebel Challenge at Disneyland!

Registering for a RunDisney race has become a stressful experience, with the races selling out in a blink of an eye.


Run Disney’s tweet about defeating the odds by signing up is true, ya know.

However, both Jason and I managed to get signed up for the 2016 Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend and we’re both running the Rebel Challenge!

In January, Jason ran the 2015 Star Wars Half Marathon, while I ran the Rebel Challenge, running both the 10K and the half.

For months after running it, we were determined to sign up. Then things slowly changed and we tried to get some friends to come. When they decided not to, we started wondering if we should sign up, considering our other travel plans (including a possible April trip to Boston next year if Jason qualifies for the Boston Marathon during the Foot Traffic Flat Marathon on July 4th).

Runners during Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend

Me during the 2015 Star Wars 10K and Jason during the Star Wars Half

Then it was trying to decide what race to run. I really wanted to run the Rebel Challenge again, but wondered if it was worth the expense. Jason was waffling between Rebel Challenge or just the Half Marathon. Finally he decided that for the first time in the history of us running, he would run the entire 10K with me. We’ve always been a little jealous of couples who can run together. But my fastest 5K is around 32 minutes and he regularly runs sub-20 minute 5Ks.

But RunDisney races are never about time so we’re going to try it out! I’m super excited to get our pictures together for once!

We may have to practice running together. Usually if Jason tries to run at my speed, he looks like a string puppet with his knees shooting above his waist.

Oh, and I’ve noticed that the Half option is selling out slower lately. Registration for the Star Wars Half is still open (as is the Avengers Half… I’ll do that some day).

I’ve been giving myself a break from running— I basically haven’t done anything at all since finishing the Rum Run. Guess I better get back to it!


2 thoughts on “Defeating the Odds: We’re registered for the RunDisney 2016 Star Wars Rebel Challenge at Disneyland!

  1. Good luck. Nice about running the 10K together. We are planning to try a Disney half if i can catch back up to my running partner’s pace. She is still way ahead.

    • I know I will never catch up to Jason’s speed, and he has trouble slowing down to my speed. When I ran Tink in 2014 with my friend Perrin, she was able to slow down to my speed easily despite being way faster; it all depends on the runner.

      It is fun to be able to run with someone and RunDisney is a race experience like no other!

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