Race Recap: 2015 Hippie Chick Half Marathon—Hillsboro OR

May 9th was the Hippie Chick Half Marathon, a race which kind of snuck up on me this spring.

Down to the second, I had the exact same finish time for the Hippie Chick Half as I did for the Holiday Half. The race themselves were totally different for me.

Hippie Chicks! We sewed the flower skirts last minute . I thought our hippie headscarves would get annoying, but they were great at keeping sweat and sweat-soaked hair off our faces.

For early May in Portland, the weather was surprisingly warm. It was in the 80s that day, one of the first day to reach that temperature.

For me, it was too hot. I’d originally wanted to beat my PR from Vancouver Rock n’ Roll and I felt pretty good until about mile 8. 

Wide open roads in rural Hillsboro with no shade in sight was a little too much for me. I slowed down considerably.

A ton of runners, all women.

I did run with Katie, our first half-marathon together, and that made it much more fun. The run itself was incredibly well-organized.

I struggled with the last 3 miles more than any of the others and around a mile to go, Katie split to run to the finish. I kept her in sight and finished in 2:43:01.

This was truly a women’s race– I don’t think I saw a single guy running. However, as it was over Mother’s Day weekend, there were a lot of families out cheering.

Jason ran all the way from our house to get in his long marathon training run and he cheered me on at the finish, as did my mom, who rode her bike over.

The coolest thing about the finish was the location. It finished inside hillsboro ballpark with a half lap around the field. Finishers coming in were shown on the big screen and families and already finished runners cheered from stadium seats. It was awesome!

Post-race was also outstanding. Instead of a medal, we received a finisher’s  necklace– there’s some bling I can wear again.

We also filled up on pancakes, grabbed a mimosa (with plenty of champagne), chugged chocolate milk and enjoyed bananas, oranges and more– all complimentary. Katie and I even got a free 15 minute massage. I credit the massage for how great I felt the following day.

We look okay because this was taken right becore the start.

Overall, it was a ton of fun. However– I won’t soon forget the heat. I’m not planning on running any major races over the summer months aside from some 5Ks.

Time: 2:43:01
Ran With: Katie
Advice for others: I don’t care how thirsty you are; sip, don’t chug, your mimosa.


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