Race recap: Camellia Run 10K, Newberg OR

A large group of seven of us ran the Newberg Camellia run on April 11th.

I got to run the 10K with two of my running buddies; Katie and Mom.

Everyone else, including Jason, ran the 5K distance.

Katie and I are training for the Hippie Chick Half Marathon, so we tested out a 2:1 minute walk/run ratio.

It seemed to work pretty well, except for one thing: allergies.

I’d been minorly annoyed by my allergies all the previous week, but once I started running, my chest got tight and my nose started running.

Annoyingly, I hadn’t taken any allergy medication that morning and by halfway through the race, I was struggling to keep pace and still breathe.

 No matter how many races I run, I will still make mistakes. 

I ran the 10K course last year and it is fantastic. It is well laid out and even includes a run through the George Fox University campus.

Some of the locals were out, waving as we ran through the neighborhood.

Even though, as slower runners running a longer distance, we were some of the last finishers, people were cheering as we ran through the finishing chute.

For such a small event, it is really organized well, with music, an announcer and plenty of volunteers on course.

I attempted to sprint near the finish and as I speeded up to pass Kate, she said, “Not today, wheezy!” Which made me laugh between allergy-fueled wheezes.

We made it through the chute and met the 5K runners in our group and picked up our 1-gallon “finisher’s” camellias.

Considering my allergies, I’m fairly happy with my time, which is not the best, but a respectable 10K time for me.

And although we didn’t score anything in the huge raffle, we did buy huge blueberry plants at an amazing price for our respective yards at the plant sale going on at the Camellia Festival.

Time: 1:09:47
Ran With: Katie & Mom


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