My Perfect Running Sunglasses


I’m rather picky about my sunglasses

After my favorite pair of running sunglasses snapped at the start line of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Vancouver Half Marathon, I had a hard time going about replacing them. I bought an emergency pair at last minute for the Star Wars Half Marathon, but really didn’t like them.

But now that it’s spring and I’m running on sunny days, I had to find a good pair.

Things I look for in Running Sunglasses

  1. Smaller lenses/fit: I have a small head. I can even wear some kid styles.
  2. Brown lenses: It’s often cloudy but bright in Oregon. I like the contrast of the brown lenses to counteract the diffused light.
  3. Polarized.
  4. Lightweight: Like a feather.. I don’t want to feel tired of wearing them by mile 10.
  5. Wraparound/ Sport style: Sport sunglasses should help in protecting your eyes from wind or dust.
  6. Doesn’t touch my eyelashes: If they are small and wraparound, getting them not to touch my eyelashes as well is sometimes a problem
  7. Reasonable price: This traditionally has meant less than $30, but after a couple months of looking, I’ve made an exception.

I finally found a pair on sale at REI, Suncloud’s “Wisp” sunglasses with brown lenses. The only thing that would make these better would be if they weren’t tortoise shell patterned frames. I’d prefer a plain color frame, but everything else is wonderful. The price was a little high for me (I adore cheap sunglasses),  but worth it.

I just hope they don’t break!


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