Race Recap: Luckython 5K

(Somehow didn’t get published back when I first wrote this)

Despite the wet weather, I had a blast at the Luckython on Saturday.


After so many weeks of nice weather, it was a little sad to wake up to a wet and blustery spring morning, but considering how lucky I usually am with race day weather, I can’t complain too much. Despite the damp, the temperature was fairly warm and overall it was a blast.

The course wound through a golf course, which meant for a rather narrow start. Katie and I, running together, were forced to walk a good portion of the beginning, or run on the muddy/wet grass.

There was plenty of St. Patrick’s Day cheer. Surprisingly, Katie, Jason and I weren’t the silliest dressed people around. Jason, of course, was faster than us but posted a great time as 2nd overall finisher for the 5K. He also won his age group, whoo hoo!

Kallen at the Luckython 5K

Uberthons makes these awesome looking, yet ridiculously large medals, for all their races. I particularly liked the Luckython one.

After Katie and I finally finished, we were all treated to a ridiculously good potato “bar.” You could put black beans, meat, sour cream, nacho cheese, regular cheese, butter, chives, onions…. nearly everything you could imagine on top of a very hot potato.

Overall, this was a great choice for my first St. Patrick’s Day themed run and an enjoyable 5K.

Time: 34:38
Ran With: Katie
Best St. Patty’s Cheer: Two women sporting festive green mustaches.


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