2015 RaceCenter Northwest Event Expo & Future Races

Packet pick-up for the Heart Breaker Half Marathon was held at Foot Traffic during the RaceCenter Event Expo and they had discounts on dozens of upcoming races. There were also great deals on shoes, although I sadly didn’t find a pair for me.

I was pleasantly surprised by how fun the expo was. It was quite a Valentine’s Day treat and we couldn’t help but sign up for a few races.


luckython 2015 race

I’ve always wanted to a St. Patrick’s themed race, but the better-known Portland Shamrock Run has gotten too expensive and commercial for me. We had fun at the Freedomthon and the Turkeython so Uberthon’s Luckython seemed like a good choice.

Although there were 15K and 10K options, but after essentially running a half marathon a month, I think I’ll be taking a break from longer runs for a little longer. I’m signed up to run the 5K with friends.

Rum Run


Mom and I were both tickled by this Tiki-themed race and it’s two days before her birthday. It’s held in the Tualatin Commons which is a really pretty place to run. Sounds like a blast, so we signed up for the Rum Run 10K distance.

Ladybug Run

Basic RGB

An inexpensive race with an adorable logo and t-shirt, the Ladybug Run not only supports a cause, but is held in Cook Park (we’ve run in Cook Park two years in a row now for the Twilight Run and love the course). Plus, a 5K is a good distance during busy summers.

Other News

The biggest news of the expo was actually Jason’s news. Although I briefly debated signing up for the Portland Marathon, Jason took the plunge and signed up for the Foot Traffic Flat Marathon. Although it will be his first full marathon, he plans to train for a Boston qualifying time (his fastest half marathon time is 1:32:06).

Wish my husband good luck!


One thought on “2015 RaceCenter Northwest Event Expo & Future Races

  1. Yes, Luck! And if he can run a 1:32 there’s also a lot of skill involved. Keep us posted. (I like the idea of a “Flat” Marathon too.)

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