Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon Recap: Rebel Challenge Part 2

This was sitting in draft format for a while and I finally realized I hadn’t published it yet! Considering I’m running another half-marathon tomorrow, I figured I’d better post it.

I woke up the morning of the Star Wars Half Marathon and thought “oh please don’t let me feel too sore when I get out of this bed.” Looks like my care spent on trying to recover after the Star Wars 10K worked.

I woke up on Sunday at 3:30 feeling good, if not completely fresh. Only my ankles were a little sore, mostly from running on the edges of roads the previous day (not recommended).

This time I played veteran runner, with Mom running her first half-marathon and Jason running his first runDisney event.

The half marathon was my first experience with bag check at a runDisney race. Previously, there was always someone to hang onto my stuff. I was prepared for a massive line like at many races and was surprised by a fast moving well-oiled machine with no wait. Wow.

Our pigs in space costumes were flashy, so I’m not surprised we got stopped by photographers a few times on the way to the corrals. Mom was a little worried about skipping her walking warm up, but considering how much we walked to the corrals and then (being in C corral), how much we walked from the corral to the start line, I don’t think it was a problem.

Main Street selfie Star Wars Half Marathon

Nothing like running down Main Street, USA!

Talk about crowded; Mom and I were going to do a run-walk method, but in the beginning, it was more of a walk-walk method. The course quickly turned into the backstage area of the park and the narrow areas.

Further hampering our forward progress were my incredibly tight hip flexors— guess I was still recovering from the previous day after all. We usually try for a very fast power walk, but that was not happening.

But what better place to go slow than in the parks!

Although I had an exhilarating race during the Star Wars 10K, it is definitely fun to run as a pair. Having someone to share the experience with was awesome.

Having not stopped for many characters during the Star Wars 10K, I really wanted to make sure I stopped and I was surprised when we spotted Luke and Leia! We had to stop for some pictures and although the line was quite long, it moved very quickly. We later saw much longer lines for Chewbacca and Darth Vader.

Luke Leia Star Wars Half Marathon

So excited to be in Disneyland that we almost forgot we were having our picture taken!

Chewbacca Star Wars Half Marathon

The longest line for Jason was for Chewbacca… 3 people.

We left our picture spot in a jiffy, although I got a text message about that time showing just how far ahead Jason (who started in A corral) was.

There was no line for most of his character stops and he took advantage of this. He made sure to tell Darth Vader “You’ll never take the SwineTrek!” …prompting a double take and confused look from a Stormtrooper.

By the time we got to California Adventure, the running was a little easier although still crowded.

We stopped to take a picture for a very adorable R2-D2 and C-3PO and they in turn took a picture for us in front of Paradise Pier.

Paradise Pier Star Wars Half Marathon sunrise

Sunrise at Paradise Pier was a lovely sight to see.

But I was really excited when we spotted a Gamorrean Guard on Hollywood Blvd. What could be better than Pigs in Space posing with another Porcine character? I think it was my best character stop the whole weekend.

Gamorean guard star wars half marathon

Space-faring porcine creatures should stick together!

After running in CarsLand, soon we were out of the parks and onto the rest of the race. As soon as we excited, there was plenty of room for running and walking.

You expect that running through Disneyland and California Adventure will be exciting. But the vast majority of the half marathon was out and back on a large boulevard. Generally, you wouldn’t expect this to be quite as exciting, but it was.

In fact, Mom was thrilled by the many bands along the route and I often had to sprint to keep up as the adrenaline carried her far ahead of me.

501st stormtrooper Star Wars half marathon

Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?

After leaving the parks, my favorite stop was with the 501st Legion, cosplayers who were out in force. Having skipped stops with stormtroopers within the park, this was a perfect time for photos. We also caught up with an excellent C-3PO who recognized us from Pigs In Space.

Since this stop was later in teh race, it was a perfect pick-me-up. Our own costumes were a hit as well, and we even had a fellow runner ask us for our picture. We were, of course, happy to stop.

The same group that inspired the Mile 8 drink during the Tinker Bell Half Marathon were out again and I was overjoyed to see MousePlanet handing out redvines. I seriously love those redvines during the race.

Shortly after the redvines, we could tell that we were getting much closer to the park. We stopped briefly before turning onto the familiar boulevard. Once we saw the signs for the parks, there was no stopping us.

Despite running the previous day, we finished strong and I was so excited to be getting my Rebel Challenge medal!

Getting my Rebel Challenge medal!

By completing the half marathon, I earned two medals!

Of course, after watching the 5K and running both the 10K and the half marathon, we had to spend our monday playing in the parks. You’ve run 19.3 miles in two days. What are you going to do next?

Go to Disneyland!


What could be better after finishing the Star Wars Half Marathon/Rebel Challenge than going on Star Tours?

Time:3:08:51 (Faster than my Tinker Bell Time, so I consider that a runDisney PR)
Ran With: Mom
Best snack: Redvines, OMG!
Best Sign: “Warp Speed is too slow. Go right to LUDICROUS SPEED” (accompanied with a picture of Dark Helmet from SpaceBalls)

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