Star Wars Rebel Challenge Recap

My recap of the Inaugural Star Wars Rebel Challenge is up on the Running at Disney blog!

Star Wars Rebel Challenge collage

I really enjoy Sarah’s site, which is totally dedicated to runDisney, so when the opportunity to write a guest post came up, I had to take it.

I’ll post more in-depth recaps of the individual races (the Star Wars 10K and the Star Wars Half Marathon) here eventually, but in the meantime, check it out! I promise there are plenty of pictures.


….On a side note, I’ve signed up to run the Heartbreaker Half Marathon on February 15th…



2 thoughts on “Star Wars Rebel Challenge Recap

  1. Love your recaps and came from your guest post… I’m getting ready for the 10K at Epcot during PHM weekend (I’m doing a charity run with my 10 year old daughter), and I have a question about the 1:1 method you and your mom used… I’m doing the Jeff Galloway method during my training and feel a bit dependent on him telling me when to run and when to walk. On the day of the race though, how did you know when to switch from running to walking?

    • It was a little hard because only my Mom could her the beep of the timer in her headphones and with the noise of the crowd and cheering, we couldn’t always hear it. We went in with the plan and then didn’t worry if we couldn’t always follow it.

      Where we were in the corrals, there was no way we could follow it perfectly anyway. It was rather crowded at the beginning so we simply ran where we could and power-walked when we couldn’t. If there is an amazing sight or a place you want to spend more time in, that is also a good place to switch to power-walking.

      After a while, you start to get a sense for when the bell would come and either listen for it, or just switch if you thought you missed it. So even though it wasn’t a perfect 1:1 every time, it still worked for us.

      When I’m running by myself, I also tend to go by distance. This works better for me. So I’ll pick a landmark in the distance and run until I get there and then pick a closer landmark (since walking is slower) for when I start running again. If you don’t like the bell, you might try this out.

      My biggest advice is just to make sure people know when you are going to switch to walking by raising your hand as a signal. This is especially important if the course is crowded.

      I’ve dreamed of doing Princess some day! I hope you have an amazing time!

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