Post-Rebel Challenge Medal Dilemma

I ran the Star Wars 10K and the Star Wars Half Marathon this past weekend to complete runDisney Inaugural Rebel Challenge. I promise, I will write more about the amazing experience of running through the Disneyland Resort, but here’s a more pressing concern:

Where should I put my medals on our medal wall? And which medals get taken off?

Jason and I share the medal wall.

Jason and I share the medal wall (left). I earned my Rebel Challenge Medals (right) this weekend. Which means some medals have got to go. On the medal wall, Top: Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland (Jason), Tinker Bell Half Marathon (Kallen), Holiday Half Marathon (Kallen), Rock ‘n’ Roll Vancouver (Kallen & Jason). Middle: Triple Crown Rock ‘n’ Roll Heavy Medal (Jason),  Pacific Peaks Rock ‘n’ Roll Medal (Jason), Cascadia Rock ‘n’ Roll Medal (Jason). Bottom:  Rock Encore Rock ‘n’ Roll Heavy Medal (Jason), Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle (Jason).

When we opted for hooks instead of a medal rack, Jason and I said that not every one of our medals would be displayed at the same time. This way it never looks cluttered and switching them out keeps it from getting old.

Difficult choices….

I’m still recovering from the races, the early mornings and the traveling, but the medals sure are fun to look at.

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