2014 Turkeython Recap

I totally love running on Thanksgiving day morning, especially when family and friends can join in. Although picking a Turkey Trot is difficult, I’m glad we picked the Überthons Turkeython this year.

Mom and I after the run!

The course was perfect and the race accessible to all running/walking levels.

In fact, we convinced so many people to join us that we got access to the VIP tent for being one of the largest teams.

The VIP tent was awesome and kept us out of the wind and damp pre-race.

They also provided breakfast sandwiches.. I saved mine for post race but appreciated it all the same.

I enjoyed running near Bridgeport village more than I expected. I am the avoid-all-malls kind of person when it comes to holiday shopping, so seeing all the decor and atmosphere this way was perfect.

I was a little worried when the course narrowed, but it never was a problem.I’m a very average runner so crowding can sometimes be a issue, but it really wasn’t.

I love how well-supported the Überthons races are, with plenty of volunteers and a clearly marked course.

The mile markers were not well marked. I never even saw one, although Katie spotted the 2 mile marker. Oh well. I’m not as desperate to see the next mile marker when its a 5K distance. I live for the next mile marker when running a half marathon.

I wasn’t going for a time or anything, and had a blast running with Katie. I love having a running buddy! It turns out my mom finished right behind us, so it looks like running with her at the Star Wars Half Marathon will be perfect!

Both Jason and Dad got a PR, although perhaps on opposite ends of the spectrum. Happy for both of them, and we definitely all received medals large enough to commemorate those accomplishments.

Post-race, there were muffins and hot drinks!

Ironically, this was my short run day. Sunday I went on a 12 miler. Despite the near freezing temperatures, I felt really good running it. Looking forward to the Holiday Half!

Time: 34:21
Ran With: Katie
Number in our Group: 12!
Best Costume: A lady ran in an apron. Simple, but so perfectly thanksgiving. I also enjoyed seeing the pilgrims.


One thought on “2014 Turkeython Recap

  1. That race was fun!

    I was a bit worried about the course narrowing- I saw that part while warming up, but didn’t have time to warn anyone before I had to get in my corral. I knew it wouldn’t be an issue for me, glad it wasn’t for you.

    The two mile mark was the only one I saw… The twelve year old I was running next to saw me check my watch and asked ‘time?’ ’12:03′

    Can’t wait for our next race!

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