I am not fast

After seeing Big Hero Six in theaters, sometimes I hear Baymax’s voice in my head saying “I am not fast.”

This is usually after Jason completes his long training run in half the time it takes me to complete mine.

Oh well. Being fast is not the point of running for me.

I loved Big Hero Six! Maybe I need a Baymax running shirt.


I am not fast.

2 thoughts on “I am not fast.

  1. Well I just came in last in a very small 10K and they were just about to take down the finish line as I got there (all the walkers did the 5K). So…you are kind of fast. Keep up the good running and blogging.

    • The longer the distance, the closer to the back I am.

      I’ve arrived at the tail end of a 10K as people were about to abandon the finish line area… I felt so bad for the walkers!

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