The Mile 8 Drink

The Avenger’s Half Marathon was this past weekend (it looked amazing) and the Star Wars Half Marathon Medals were officially announced so I’m runDisney crazy right now.

So this seems like a good time for a story from the 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon, one I promised in my recap that I would tell eventually.

Around the halfway point of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, Perrin and I concocted the idea for the Mile 8 drink.

Keep in mind, I get a little loopy when running long distances.

We were outside the parks running when we passed a sign that read “Candy from Strangers” and a tent where people were handing out redvines and orange slices.

The nice people from MousePlanet handing out food (photo originally found on MousePlanet, credit:  Tony Phoenix.

The nice people from MousePlanet handing out oranges & redvines (photo found on MousePlanet, credit: Tony Phoenix.)

I was tired and grateful. We both took some and stuffed both redvines and orange in our mouth. We marveled at how wonderful the combination of flavor was and how it was the best thing we’d ever tasted.

While trying to keep my feet moving, I conspired with Perrin on how we could bring this wondrous flavor to a wider audience. We got on the topic of using redvines as straws and suddenly, dawning inspiration came.

It was truly a stupendous Eureka moment.

Orange Juice. 

Orange Juice + Redvine Straw= obviously the most delicious concoction known to humankind

We both agreed that this was truly an inspired and fabulous idea destined for culinary greatness and we set about trying to name our creation.

After spending a couple of miles rhapsodizing about how delicious this drink would be, something occurred to me.

Maybe, just maybe, we only think this is a good idea.

Maybe this is only something that sounds good to tired people past mile 8 of a half marathon.

And so we dubbed it the Mile 8 drink.

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