Choosing a Turkey Trot

Tofurkey Trot... it makes me laugh. How Portland!

Tofurkey Trot… it makes me laugh.

Numerous Turkey Trots, Give n’ Gobble, Before the Bird Fun Run, even a Tofurkey Trot.

In the Portland area, there’s just so many Thanksgiving races out there that it’s hard to chose which run to do.

In 2012 we did the 4-mile ORRC Turkey Trot. We were so excited to find a race benefiting (and finishing in) the Oregon Zoo. How cool is that? Although hilly, it was a great deal of fun.

In 2013, we were in Anaheim, CA visiting relatives and didn’t do a race, although we did have a fun and sunny Thanksgiving day training run.

This year, when we set out to pick our 2014 turkey trot, we wanted to pick one that was accessible for many different running/walking abilities. Read—we wanted to rope as many people into joining us as possible.

The lucky race? The Turkeython!


Uberthons puts on a bunch of races in the area throughout the year, including the Freedomthon we did on the 4th of July. The location, Bridgeport Village, is fairly close and offers a flat 5K course (as well as a 10K and 10K relay).

I’m also hoping that Bridgeport will be in full holiday swing and hopefully put those strange outside music speakers to good use.

At this point, it sounds like we’ll be a raucous group of 12.


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