Friends of Jordan 5K Race Recap & Rock n’ Roll Vancouver prep

Although I was scheduled to run 14 miles on Saturday, I ran the Friends of Jordan 5K instead (followed by a hilly 8 mile run).

We were convinced to do the charity race because it was sponsoring the son of our friend’s friend. …If that makes sense. It was incredibly well-organized for such a small community race, with a nice, flat course. This is the second race we’ve done this fall in Forest Grove, the first being the Run for Sight 10K/5K.

This might look like an impressive and focused run photo of me nearing the finish line... if it weren't for the little kid in front about to beat me. (Photos by Pete Segar Photography)

This might look like an impressive and focused run photo of me nearing the finish line… if it weren’t for the little kid in front about to beat me. (Photos by Pete Seger Photography)

I ran with Katie at a more relaxed pace than my recent races. I wasn’t looking for a time and I knew I had to run a whole bunch more miles later that same day.

In addition, due to unforeseen circumstances, I missed my training runs in the week leading up to the race, so a steady pace was the goal.

Official times (the event was hand-timed) haven’t been released, but I spotted 35 minutes on the clock as I ran past.

EDIT: Official Time was 35:43:00.

Its been a while since I’ve had a running buddy during a race, so that was a really nice treat. The course was pretty as well, with a water stop around halfway.

A fun addition was that the race ended with a lap around the track at the local high school. I guess this means I’ve officially raced on a track now.

Unlike me, Jason went into this race with a goal… and he both won the race and PR’d with a time of 19:45. Impressive!

Of course, we couldn’t stop after the race. Scheduled to be our last long run before the Rock n’ Roll Vancouver Half Marathon, 3.1 miles was not going to cut it.

We drove back to Beaverton and decided to go for a run on a nice trail…. not taking a close look at the course profile first.

I knew there was at least one hill on the trail and perhaps a few others, but I had no idea that I was in for the hilliest 8 miles of my life.

During the 5K and the 8 miles, I could actually feel my missed training runs manifest in annoying side-cramps that would pop up at random.

The races I sign up for are flat (aside from the 4-mile Turkey Trot I ran in 2012) and the training I do is flat.

As a result, I ended up power-walk/running the 8 miles with mom (who was doing it as training for the Star Wars Half Marathon).

She uses an app to track her distance/workouts, so I did get to see exactly how slow we did go.

Considering the steep hills, I’m actually pleased with the results.

And now, it’s time to take it a bit easier in the (less than) two weeks leading up to Rock N’ Roll Vancouver Half Marathon. Looking forward to earning that sweet medal!


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