The Dory Effect

Oh Look! A Race

I finally found an image that perfectly explains my continued running.


There is no way I’d be currently signed up for both Rock ‘N Roll Vancouver Half Marathon and the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Rebel Challenge otherwise. After my 10 mile run this past weekend, I once again reflected that running long distances is not exactly the most fun thing I could be doing with my time.

But the races…


2 thoughts on “The Dory Effect

  1. Ha! I’ll see you at both. Because I neeeeeeeed the second Sasquatch RNR medal, and Star Wars was just a no-brainer. And then after that (and RNR Vegas), no races till June 2015. Seriously. No Dory effect. Oh, look, a local race that I can use as a long long-run before Alaska!

    • Cool!
      Yeah, Hubby did Seattle on a whim so he could earn the Cascadia medal as well. He loves that Sasquatch was fuzzy on the Twin Peaks medal.

      Oh Look, a local race! (And now I’m signed up for the Holiday Half)

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