Finishing the Rebel Challenge Should be Like this

throne room

And when I get my Rebel Challenge medal, I kind of want throne room music as well, if possible.

After this past weekend, I’m getting a little nervous about the idea of running two races in two days. It looks good on paper…

And I didn’t get my long 9.5 mile run in this past weekend as hoped. I did go for a 6 mile difficult run on the beach.

The sand wasn’t as hard packed as we would have liked, being just after high tide, and the ground was sloped in areas.

Although I wasn’t feeling great for the first half of the run, it was still fun and kinda cool to mix it up a bit. If I only judge by time, then I did my long run because it took me a long time….

Looking forward to the Star Wars Rebel Challenge and Vancouver Rock n Roll!


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