Race Recap: 2014 Twilight Run 5K

Despite the heat (the high was in the 80s and it didn’t cool down significantly by 7pm race start), the 2014 Twilight Run 5K was a total success for me.

It was the first time I’ve ever run the same course twice (I ran the Twilight run last year, right before I signed up for the TinkerBell Half) and I improved my time by four and a half minutes (Last year: 36:36)

Twilight Run Finisher Certificate
20140623-104632-38792217.jpgI was ridiculously excited about the free glow bracelets.

After the finish, I was showing off my two bracelets and Jason snapped a ridiculous picture of me.

About the only thing I was sad about was the lack of chocolate milk. Perhaps I remembered wrong, but I thought there was chocolate milk at the finish and I somehow built this up in my mind.

I started to really look forward to the milk, but alas, it was nonexistent.

One of the things I’m most proud about was my ability to pace myself during this race. I ran a really steady race without feeling completely burnt out. I sprinted at the end — because I’m slow, people around me always look slightly bewildered as to why I’m running faster, but I did pass a large bunch of people just for this very reason.

The “sprint at the end” philosophy is likely left over from my bike racing days. I was much more competitive and much better at that sport, and sprinting was just something you always did—even if there was no one around you.

It was a successful race— Jason got 2nd place in his age group after having run the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon that morning, Melissa placed 3rd in our age group and other Jason finished his first timed race ever… and only a minute behind me!

running group


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