New RunDisney Race: my reaction

So, RunDisney announced a new Half Marathon:

I’ll admit, I’m pretty excited about this. I really think doing an inaugural race would be awesome, and because its at Disneyland (rather than DisneyWorld), it’s actually in the realm of possibility.

We weren’t planning on going to Disneyland this year, and were only musing about the possibility of doing the 2015 Disneyland Half/Dumbo Double Dare.

Jason and I both follow RunDisney on Twitter, and were eagerly following #SmashtheHalf, and trying to guess what the announcement was.

Since they announced they would be moving the TinkerBell Half Marathon from January to Mother’s day weekend, we guessed an Avenger’s/Hulk themed race would be scheduled for January.

I may have played it cool on Twitter, but my text messages to Jason were less so.


We’re not sure we can do this. I just ran Tinker Bell and Jason is running the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in May. These RunDisney races are pretty spendy, even if we skip spending a day at the park and just run the race.


I do really want to do another RunDisney race… it was one of the most incredible experiences. As of now, we are only considering the possibility, and counting our coins.


This is literally $100 in coins.


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