Muddy & Hilly: WDotY Run 5K

The “Worst Day of the Year” run definitely wasn’t as cold, windy and rainy as the “worst day” tends to be, but it was one of, if not the hardest 5K I have ever run.

So somehow I missed the memo that this would be a hilly, cross-country race on muddy walking trails.

I wasn’t the only one, probably because the course profile looked like this online:


See, that doesn’t look so bad… And if you read carefully, they do say “gravel” paths.

A group of 7 of us all decided to do this run and there was a fun costume contest, complete with a “no costume, no free beer” bribe.

Jason reprised his Superman running outfit from the 2012 Run Like Hell and I had already made the decision to wear my Tink Half shirt, but I threw on my skirt and mouse ears from the race too.


I ran with Katie– the first time since the Race for the Cure 8Kback in September right before she was about to run the Portland Marathon.

I snapped this photo about 5 minutes before the start. Wondering about the mask? Katie ran as Robin, while her husband, in his first timed run ever, ran with a batman shirt.

First ever run and Nick finished almost exactly 2 minutes behind Jason, who finished the 5K in 22:34.

That put Jason at 2nd out of 100 timed participants and 5th overall.

I had hopes of running my best 5K time since I’m all trained up at a half marathon level. Those hopes quickly faded when I started running the course.

It was extremely crowded at the start on narrow, muddy, slippery, sometimes steep Pathways. I never train on hills and it was tough getting around other runners and walkers.

I got a few side cramps, including a really bad one at the end that practically stopped me in my tracks, but despite my lack of hill preparedness I think I did pretty good, finishing in 36:56 (11:53 pace). Everyone was a bit slower than usual.

Not only did we get a cute penguin medal, but we also got free delicious soup at the end and beer (if desired… I did not), hot cocoa , hot chocolate or coffee.

It was the first year for the run and I loved the vibe but if they do it next year I would love a wider course (flatter too , but that’s a personal thing), and perhaps a water stop.


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