2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Race Recap: I finished!

…and isn’t finishing the most important thing? (Besides having a blast)


We chose to take at least one picture at a mile marker. By the way, the time shown on the clock is not accurate to our pace.

We were in C corral which started much later than the clock did.

This was my first half marathon and my first RunDisney race and it was amazing!

All the training I did became totally worth it during this race.

My official finishing time and pace kinda stinks for me, but that’s because we took so many pictures in the parks and with characters! (Finish in 3:22:14. Pace 15:26).


“Come here, me Darlings. I see you’re in the clubhouse.” -Captain Jack Sparrow

I know my actual running pace when you get rid of character lines, bathroom stops, and photo ops was a lot faster, and the only reason to regret not finishing faster is because 3 hours is a long, long time to be out on a run.

I had so much anticipation for this run, it would be easy for it to fail to deliver.

This was definitely not the case.
There was far too much fun to be had everywhere we ran. About the first 6 miles were entirely in the parks and flew by as we took in all the amazing sights.

There is something magical about running through the castle and having the entire Disneyland resort only open to runners.

I had to work very hard to prevent myself from getting carried away and running way to fast at the very beginning. I was so full of happy energy!


After we left the Disneyland Resort, we ran through Downtown Disney and then out into a neighborhood. It took a sign to remind us that it was still very early in the morning.


Sleeping? How could people be sleeping? We are already almost to mile 7.

Sometime later, I’ll have to write about the Mile 8 drink, but that would be too much of a tangent here.

Around mile 9, the crowd of people running the race suddenly got a lot quieter as more people started to concentrate on getting to the finish.

I felt pretty good until about mile 11 when my hip issue started acting up again (most likely an IT band issue, Perrin and I decided).

However, not long after that we entered the backstage area of California Adventure.

For me, that was about the longest stretch, from mile 12 to just before mile 13.

Just before mile 13, we exited backstage to throngs of cheering crowds, including our own support guy, Jason.

The last little bit flew by and then I received my medal!


Was the training worth it? Yes!

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