On my way to fly (aka, run) the Tinker Bell Half Marathon

I may not actually fly during the race, but I am almost ready to get on my flight to anaheim.
My bags are packed, I finished my running costume and I’m ready to go!

Mouseketeer outfit

My Mouseketeer running outfit. Not pictured are my running knickers, the personalized name on the back of the shirt and my white knee (compression) socks.

I’m really happy with the way my running costume came out. Although we’ve had the idea for a while, I put it together rather last minute.

The Walt Disney World Marathon (#WDWHalf) was only last weekend. But the skirts came out so cute! I got the idea from two blogs I found through Pinterest, Beauty Still Remains and Daisy Francesca.

After sewing an “I Dream of Jeannie” costume (stupid chiffon!) for Halloween, these were a cinch and took me no time at all.

The shirts are lightweight tech shirts customized with the Mickey Mouse Club design from Zazzle.

I originally ordered a large to give myself room in the chest, but when we got the shirts, CALAMITY! They weren’t women’s sizes, and I looked like a 6-year old playing dress-up with her daddy’s shirts.

I was all set to cut and alter, but I was just upset enough about not having a women’s cut shirt, that I emailed Zazzle to tell them about the problem.

Looks like customer service isn’t dead, because after a few emails back and forth and few days (overnight shipping), I had two small customized women’s cut t-shirts to replace the others.

…I give credit where credit is due. I didn’t even have to return the shirts.

My original large was even way too big for my hubby’s broad shoulders, but Perrin’s medium fit perfectly so when we got the new shirts, I modified Jason’s so the back reads “SUPPORT.”

By the way, I did test running in my Mickey Mouse ears. I suggest using long black pins used for pin curlers to secure them.

I even did some serious head banging to Bohemian Rhapsody (the Muppet version of course), and it never even budged.


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