Tinker Bell Half-Marathon training update

Its only 12 days until the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and I am so freaked out excited!

Although I hope I’ll look like this running, it’s doubtful.

Although I hope I’ll look like this running, it’s doubtful.

A half marathon is 13.1 miles, a distance I’ve already done in training. Or at least, I ran the 13 miles and walked the 0.1.  I submitted my race time from the Run Like Hell 10K that I did back in October to get a starting gate placement.


Jason, doing yardwork, after October’s Run Like Hell. We both did the run in costumes, but his very unique and very Disney.

I did the 10K (6.2 miles) in 1:09:17 and Disney took that time and, based on it, projected a 2:35 finish time for the Half Marathon. This puts Perrin (she has to drop back) and me in the third corral out of six.

Middle of the pack is my favorite spot!

The race is on Sunday the 19th, early in the morning. Jason and I are flying out the evening of January 16th.

I’ve been fighting a bit of pain in my hip starting in December and according to my best googling ability, the internets, and my unqualified online diagnosis, its possible that I have a mild case of bursitis.

Regardless of whats causing it, part of the cure is stretching, something I hate doing.

I know most of you may laugh at me for saying this, but when I was younger I could do whatever I want and my body was elastic and bounced back. Its weird to feel it changing to the point where you have to pay attention to what you do to it or suffer the consequences.

I’ve been stretching dutifully and I’m done with my long runs until the Tink Half. So far, its been getting a lot better.

The Tink Half gives you a generous course cut-off time. Even walking I could finish it. Not to mention the location gives me a bit of a boost. I sometimes consider running to Disneyland from Portland and I often run once in the park!

I don’t have any fear for completing the half marathon distance. The cut-off time is a brisk walk (16 min mile), so even if I end up slowing down, I’ll finish the race. And I had the hip issue and still managed to finish my 13 miles on the treadmill and it was worse then.

As the countdown to the Tink Half continues, I’ve been working on mine and Perrin’s costumes for the race. They’ve got to be runnable. Our two-person team is called “The Fearless Mouseketeers” and our costume is a running version of the 1950’s Mickey Mouse Club costumes.

We’re trading white knee socks for white knee-high compression socks and you may see a black brim under our mouse ears.


Originally posted on a family blog


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